Album Review: Infinite - INFINITIZE
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Infinite A Boy Group from South Korea. Which Debuted In June 9 ,2010 With Their Album " First Invasion. They Have Now released Their Latest Album !. Infinitize (stylized as INFINITIZE) is the third mini album from the South Korean boyband Infinite. It was released on May 15, 2012.

 Track list:

  • Infinitize
  • The Chaser
  • Feel So Bad
  • Summer / in the summer
  • Only Tears
  • I Like You
  • With…

Track Number 1 - Infinitize :
  • It Sounds More Like Techno-ish. It's More Of A Techno Type With A Mix Of Modern Type Of  Sound. It's Not A Full Song Tho, It's An Intro .
  • Listen To It Here.
Track Number 2 - The Chaser
  • This Is The Song On Their MV . This Song Is Really Really Catchy, Specially When You listen To It Over And Over.It Has A Addictive Melody. As For The Dance Steps, As Always, Infinite Never Disappoint Us. The English Of The Song Is Meaningful .
  • Watch The MV Here.
Track Number 3 - Feel So Bad
  • The Piano Intro Part Was Absolutely Great ! These Song Is also More Of A Modernized Techno , Which Basically Sound Really Great. The Rap Part Was Very Good, It's Very Fast And Very Catchy .
  • Listen To Feel So Bad Here.
Track Number 4 - Summer/In The Summer
  • Really Sounds Good. More Summer Type. Good For Relaxing. The Guitar And Their Voice Sounds So refreshing. The Song Is Quite Unique . And Their Voice Suits The Song Very Well. They Have Great, God Given, Amazing Voice.
  • Listen To It Here
Track Number 5 - Only Tears
  • A Ballad Song. This Song Is Very Good. Their Voice Sounds Very Calm. The English Translation Of  This Song Is Very Meaningful. This Song Has A Sad But Powerful Tone And Melody. Infinite Sang This With The Perfect Emotion For The Song.
  • Listen To Only Tears Here
  • They Performed It Live Too , Watch It Here .
Track Number 6 - I Like You
  • The Intro Is Very Catchy. The Combination Of Their Voice Is Absolutely Perfect . Every Single Member Of Infinite Has A Very Amazing And Special Voice. The English Translation Is Basically About A Person Who Is In love . Infinite Delivered The Song Perfectly.
  • Listen To I Like You Here.
Track Number 7 - With...
  • This Song Is Also A Ballad. Infinite Is Not Just For Pop, They Are Perfect For Ballad And Different Types Of Music. They Sounded very Slow Yet They Have A Very Powerful Voice. And The Chorus Was Really Great. 
  • Listen To It Here.

This Is My Opinion. Everyone Has Different things that they like.  Uhm, I recommend this album, listen to it, and you'll be satisfied .Infinite Will Always Be Awesome, Amazing And Great ~  ♥

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